Hello, Classmates! We've been here for almost 5 years now... We would love to have you update your profiles to include any changes during this time. For those of you just joining us, please include answers to the following questions:

1. What would you like to tell us about your life over the past 55 years? High points, unusual experiences, travel, career(s), jail time, family, passions, regrets, etc.?

2. What are your plans for the next half of your lives?

Select the "Add Your Profile" button below. Fill in the info (NOTE: PLEASE TYPE YOUR COMMENTS DIRECTLY INTO THE COMMENTS BOX. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE FROM ANOTHER WORD PROCESSING PROGRAM) and please upload your favorite "Now" photo. We will upload your "Then" photo from the yearbook for you when we receive your information.

We're looking forward to hearing from all of you!
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Adrienne Fertig (Mannis)
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Four children and thirteen grandchildren are the lights of my life. I have enjoyed my different employment and volunteer jobs over the years. My husband and I travel extensively and I am a “ski bum” in my old age. Beyond family, skiing is my “passion”. No regrets—one door closes and another opens!  

My plans for the next 50 years are to keep skiing and enjoying our family and friends. 
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Alan James McClenaghan
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1. I graduated from the California Maritime Academy in 1962.  I have been employed in the Maritime industry since graduation.  I did serve in the US Navy and Naval Reserve for 27 years.  I retired as a Commander, USNR in 1990.  I received my USCG Unlimited Ocean Master license in 1971.  Presently I am employed by the University of Washington, School of Oceanography as Master of their research vessel, THOMAS G THOMPSON.  I married my wife, Nadine, in 1962.  She is a 1959 graduate of Alameda High School.  We have four daughters and one son.  They have given us eight grandchildren, so far.  We raised our family in Alameda until 1993.  We then moved to Northern California to enjoy living near the beautiful lakes and rivers and away from the ever busy Bay Area freeways.  

2. My plans for the next 50 years are the same as the last 50.  Enjoying everyday and possibly retiring from going to sea when this second 50 rolls by in 2059. 
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Allan Shurtleff
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1) After High School I went to Laney Trade School (carpentry) and then BYU. I built my first house in 1961-63 and got married in August 1964 to Janet Ann Kuder (Oakland Tech High School, class of 1960).  

In 1966 I was called to active duty and spent most of 1966 and 1967 in Viet Nam in the US Navy Seebees and Third Marines.  

After my tour of duty I returned to work as a carpenter and started Shurtleff Construction and I’m still at it.   We have four children, one boy and three girls, eight grandchildren and one great grandson.  

I like to snow ski and continue doing this winter sport. I also like to garden and have a collection of Bonsai trees. We have a cabin in Twain Harte where we like to spend time. Spending time with our grandchildren is a treat.  

For 25 years I was a scoutmaster. I served as a Bishop in the Castro Valley First Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for five years and I am a founding member of the Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. I have also served on the board of directors of the Merit Shop Training Center.  

Other interests include river rafting, beekeeping, enjoying life and people.   It has been fun serving on the OHS reunion committee for the last 35 years.  

I like to travel. Jan and I went to Russia in 1993 and made some great friends who we are still in contact with. Three of these Russian friends have become US citizens and love the freedoms here, being able to vote and express their opinions. God Bless the USA.    

2) Keep on working some and spend more time at Twain Harte. I’m planning to build a log home in Heber, Utah (Timber Lakes). I’ll also spend time with family & friends and continue enjoying life.    
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Andrea Cohen (Greyber)
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1. I think I remember in our senior English class, Mr. Harlow suggested a topic for an exam could be: Define the Universe briefly and give several examples. Well, fifty years is a good chunk of time. Here goes the take on my universe.  

I graduated Cal with a degree in History and a minor in English, worked briefly at the Oakland Main Library and then took off to travel in Europe. I took a couple of lessons at the Cordon Bleu, these were all in French and I am not sure if the sauce for the Rum Baba came out on top of the duck a l'orange, or vice versa.   

I came back to Oakland and married, then went back to Paris (to help the husband pack up his apartment); to London for the academic year; the Continent for the summer; and then more permanently to Denver.   

In Denver our three children were born. Elizabeth came along in 1967, followed by Robert in 1969 and then Daniel in 1971. We moved to Potomac, Maryland in 1972, a suburb of Washington, DC. While there I volunteered at our local library, pushed the county to build us a larger one. I was a swim team mom and did everything from making huge quantities of chili, organizing bagel breakfasts, to writing the weekly newsletters.   

I was also a showstopper mom and had a lot of fun dipping my toes back into the world of theater. I wrote a play with another mother of three (we locked the children outdoors but did feed them occasionally). I wrote another play for our synagogue and appeared in it; even had an essay published in The Washington Post and was paid for it.   

Did real estate for a while; worked at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial, before it was built and helped with the fundraising. I continued on in a patch quilt manner and did development work at a private school, taught junior high school aged children in religious school and lived to tell the tale. Finally, I went back to working in the library system where I did children's programming as well as working on the information desk. I retired from the library when we moved back to California in 2004.   

I now write the "Simchas" (happy occasions) column for the Jewish Community News of Silicon Valley. Our daughter, her husband and three boys live one mile away; one son lives in Seattle, with his bride and their puppy. Another son lives in LA with his wife and three sons. Finally our family is now all in the same time zone. The weather is certainly an improvement over the heat and cold of DC.     

2. I hope to continue to be healthy, enjoy my grandchildren and perhaps one-day get a granddaughter. I would like to continue writing, not just the column but some humourous essays as well.    
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Andrew Lee
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retired Married 4
After years at UC Berkeley and San Jose State, I accumulated enough units to obtain a BA degree from San Jose State and a commission in the US Army as a lieutenant. By the end of my service obligation, I had the responsibility of a company commander and was functioning as such.

I used the GI bill to obtain a secondary teaching credential at San Jose State and was pursuing a MBA at USF, when Southern Pacific Trans Co. offered me a position in their new computer department. I was there for the next 24+ years. It was a great company to be associated with and I was fortunate to be working with computers during its infancy. I worked as a programmer, system analyst, project leader, systems supervisor and pushed/dragged the railroad operation into the 20th century. It was satisfying work and the company liked me enough to promote me to be an officer of the company.
Unfortunately, our CEO made some (big) mistakes and SP became history. Our department was outsourced to IBM and subsequently I left after a year. I did contract work for Pacbell in SF and worked the last 12 years in the IT department of California Casaulty based in San Mateo. (great commute). I finally decided to pull the plug and retired in March, 2008.
While working in SF, I was fortunate to meet a young lady(Shirley) and found we had much in common. Eventually, we were married in her home town (Port Washington, Wisc pop 7,000). That was 34+ years ago and now we have four boys.

With life in suburbia, I was involved with local community activities, especially baseball. (This was probably influenced by OHS baseball coach Mike Marcoulis). I coached Little League and Babe Ruth (age 13-15) baseball. The high water marks were when I coached/managed a couple of Belmont all-stars  teams to the district finals.

I served on the Belmont Babe Ruth board of directors and helped run the league a number of years. Also I was president of the McDougal Neighborhood association in Belmont. As president I was involved with all the local issues real and/or imagery, political or not.  After serveral years, I decided to retire from public life.
Now I am in retirement mode and its wonderful. 

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Andria (Andi) Kebric (Asher)
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Married 2
Andi (Andria) Kebric Asher

I didn't attend the 50th reunion, I was in New York celebrating my 50th wedding anniversary. 4 months after graduationg OHS I married my senior year boyfriend Ron Asher an OHS '55 grad.
I worked at the Oakland Tribune for 6 years becoming manager of the classified advertising department until our first child was born. We have 2 children, a son on the west coast and a daughter on the east coast, both graduated from Campolindo High in Moraga. Our 4 grandkids are ages 16-21.
We opened a Big O Tire store in Oakland 46 years ago and still have several in the bay area and Sacramento area , which our son runs with a school buddy.
While we were building our businesses, I started a national women's organization to support the company business.
I had 4 of my own businesses, a gourmet tea business called Bountiful Blends, which was blended, packaged and shipped by a mentally challenged workshop.
An interior design and home accessory business and a floral design business.
I started a personal color analysis business 30 years ago which I still do today.
I also led a personal fitness water and land program.
We moved to Palm Desert 21 years ago. I started playing golf and am very active in the women's golf organization at my club.
When Ron and I aren't in the desert we spend time in Maui and Tahoe, and traveling. My family and I have been blessed with health and good fortune.
See you soon, Andi
Ann Kinsey (Renz)
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1. I’ve raised four wonderful children, mostly in the mountain regions of California. I’ve enjoyed my travels to Australia and the Caymen Islands, having been to both places several times. I have been widowed twice.  

2. Live and enjoy each day, plus do something special each day. 
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Ann Stevens
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Retired Software Designer Divorced 1
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Arnelda Lindmark (Sawin)
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1. Graduated from Simpson University in 1963, married on November 28, 1964, raised five children, three boys and two girls, have 14 grandchildren, and lived in Cambodia and Hong Kong for a year.   

2. Spend time with my husband in Viet Nam and Cambodia and with our family. 
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Art Ball
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Retired Single Again
Ten years after graduating from OHS, I completed a degree in marketing at SF State, followed by two careers.  For 25 years, I held various marketing positions at AT&T, Pacific Telephone, Pacific Bell, and SBC.  Following early retirement, I sold sailboats, in Alameda,  for the past twelve years.

For entertainment, I raced Formula Ford cars for a few years, followed by 20 years racing sailboats, on the Bay and offshore.  Along with racing cars and boats, I've maintined a life-long passion for jazz music.

There may be some travel in my future, with a sailing and motorsports theme.  Viewing an America's Cup regatta, as well as Formula One races, are both on my radar.  Mainly, though, I'll be working on growing old gracefully.
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